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Samsung SDS's Home Network is changing the lives of people around the world.







Quick and safe use in an emergency

Convenient door opening

Reliable safety

Superior design

Home Security, Home Control

Entertainment, Remote Service

Energy Mgmt

Provides secure and convenient living whenever and wherever with state-of-the-art ubiquitous technologies for smart homes

Kitchen TV Phone

Gas leaking detector

Control digital door lock phone

Magnetic entry sensor


The Smart Home devices that acts as a hub between smart phone


Canderel Integrates

Samsung Smart Home

Technology at

YC Condos

On June 10,2014, Canderel made condo

history by announcing their partnership with Samsung SDS and

True Marque Group of Companies...

Smart home features

start at the top

Canderel teams with Samsung to install

its Smart Home technology in

YC Condo's luxe penthouses...

Canderel gets innovative, brings Samsung smart home technology to

YC Condos in Toronto

In a time when smart home technology

is gaining momentum, Canderel decided

to crank things up a few notches...

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“There is a clear trend towards intensification. Multi-family new homes sales are greatly outpacing single family homes. Most of the home automation platforms in North America have focused on the single family home. There is a clear gap in the offering for home automation platforms that can meet the needs of multi-family communities.”

“The Samsung SDS solution was developed in Korea for multi-family buildings. The solution had to be cost competitive to make it into communities. It also has been widely deployed and has a solid track record of performance.”

“This SDS platform offers a cost effective and proven solution that can meet the needs of multi-family communities.”


Ted Maulucci, Chief Information Officer – Tridel



Quote: "I am very impressed with Samsung SDS's product lineup, technological capabilities, and market positioning as it brings home automation within the reach of the mass market that we appeal to. We are not aware of any other provider with your capabilities and ability to introduce a broad range of new product offerings for the high and low rise market. We have visited the show room in Markham with our executive team and all have shared favorable feedback about the high quality of the displays and product range. We look forward to developing a strategic relationship.”


Andrew Guido, Executive Vice President - Corporate Development



Quote: ”Samsung SDS and True Marque have an easy to use Smart home solution that offers the key (without having to use a physical key) to home automation. When I bought my last new car a few years ago, I thought about how nobody uses a key anymore to unlock their car, yet we have to use a key of some sort to unlock our homes. Most new homes are not smart at all and the various home automation systems on the market have never integrated all of the pieces necessary to simplify our lives. Samsung SDS integrates door locking systems, appliances, security, home entertainment, lighting control and energy monitoring in an easy to use interface. The Showroom demonstrates clearly how all the pieces can fit together and be added to over time. I hope this helps and see you soon.”


David Bengert, C.P.M.  - Director - Corporate Purchasing 



“As a builder, we’re always looking for innovative technologies that will differentiate our developments in the marketplace and appeal to the people who will live in them,” said Jacqueline Staub, Director of Marketing and Communications at Great Gulf. “We’re proud to be partnering with an innovative company like Samsung to be the first builder in Canada to offer our customers the latest in sophisticated building technology.”

“One of our primary goals with the YONGE + RICH development is to appeal to the busy downtown resident’s desire for convenience and simplicity. With Samsung’s Smart Door Lock, we’re able to achieve this goal by being the first builder to offer residents two options for locking their home - a traditional key and a digital touchpad – making access to a suite easier than ever.”


Jacqueline Staub - Director of Marketing